Diesel engines are particularly tuneable giving additional power, fuel saving and economy.
We have programmes to suit all requirements from private owners to commercial fleets and specialist packages for agricultural vehicles.

Find out how you can go further, using less fuel with our guaranteed fuel reduction warranty or read about our agricultural product, Agri-Tec. TurboChip provides car owners with improved performance and Eco-Map is specifically designed for HGV and LCV customers.

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Tuning for Economy & Power

An engine ECU Upgrade improves the ability of Tractors, Combines and Forage Harvesters to perform in the most arduous of conditions as well as increasing their Fuel Efficiency, Power & Torque.

Upgrades are available for the majority of machinery on the market today. Upgrades can be performed on farm and power-tested before and after. A detailed report can be printed out at the end for you to keep.

We have also installed a 1000 HP 4WD Chassis Dyno Rolling Road at Pontesbury which will enable us to upgrade cars, vans, 4x4s etc and power test with a detailed report.

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