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Chris Willner of CarTrac has more than 35 years experience of the Agricultural Machinery Trade. In this trade there has always been the requirement for more power which was easily achieved by adjusting the fuel pump & fitting Turbos,Intercoolers etc. (This became known as WILLNERISING - a nickname invented by the Farmers & Contractors in the local area).

As technology & engineering advanced over the years this became more & more complexed until the advent of the electronic engine control systems.This was initially achieved by the fitting of an add-on chip to gain more power.This worked fine for so long but we are now at the stage of technology that the only real way of gaining more power is to upgrade the Engine Control Unit (ECU) More commonly known as Re-Mapping.

This gives more power,more torque, as well as saving on fuel as the engine is more 'on top of the job'. Chris has invested in a considerable amount of equipment enabling him to carry out this service. Chris is based have installed at the former RVT site at Pontesbury. The state-of-the-art equipment includes a Chassis Dynomometer for testing the power of cars, vans, 4x4s etc.The unit is made by Ma-Ha Germany & can test to 1000 horse power 2 and 4 wheel drive with a full computer print out of the results.

Chris has also invested in a Froment Sigma 5 Tractor dynomometer which also has a full computer control & produces a full print out of power and torque allowing him to work on site as well as at the shop.

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