ECU Upgrade

We offer ECU upgrades using the latest technology that is regularly updated. This allows us to safely enhance your vehicle without interfering with the other control systems in the car.

Re-mapping or performance tuning means that the standard software is modified, especially the parameters relating to power, torque, and fuel economy. In order to increase the power-output of engines, it is important to change the amount of fuelling, ignition timing, and turbo boost on turbocharged engines. By adjusting these parameters, the engine will have achieved the most efficient combustion required for power and economy.

Power Testing

Are you a member of a car club, owners club, internet forum or any similar organisation? Want to know what your and your fellow members cars are making? Do you run a race series and want to ensure all cars are conforming to the regulations with regards power output?

CarTrac cater for Dyno Days allowing you to book our power testing facility for an entire day for your club or race series and benefit from a reduced power testing rate.

We have invested heavily in MAHA power measurement technology to provide our customers with accurate, repeatable and reliable power/performance testing.

Engine Tuning

Our dyno allows us to simulate usiong your vehicle - whether it is a truck, van, tractor, car or 4x4 - in different conditions on the road, whilst logging and making accurate changes to variables such as fuelling and timing.

Rolling road tuning is the only safe and accurate way of ensuring that your vehicle is set up to its true potential. Improve the ability of your vehicle to perform in the most arduous of conditions as well as increasing Fuel Efficiency, Power & Torque.

We use an industry standard dyno that has outstanding accuracy coupled with really superb steady state performance, and featuring sophisticated data acquisition electronics, with this we can check all aspects of your engine tune i.e. detect small misfires, incorrect air fuel ratios etc.

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