Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will it harm my engine?

Absolutely not! All upgrades from TurboChip, Eco-Map and Agri-Tec increase the efficiency of the engine and work within manufacturer tolerances. As long as you follow the recommended servicing schedule you will enjoy the full benefits of your upgrade.

Is it compatible with current EU emissions and RPC certificates?

All of our upgrades are fully compliant with current legislation and will pass any roadside or annual VOSA inspection and smoke test. Our Eco-Map and TurboChip upgrades are developed and tested in Scandinavia where emission laws are currently much tighter than our own in the UK.

What guarantees do I get?

The upgrade is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle. If the program is over-written for any reason, simply give us a call and we will re-install the upgrade free of charge. We also guarantee the vehicle against any problems arising from the use of our program.

How long does it take?

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, the time does vary a little. Modern methods of delivering the upgrade to the ECU, such as serial programming, means that the days of sitting for hours with a soldering iron, for us, are long gone. Most jobs take less than an hour however, because of the complexity involved we will normally ask for the vehicle for 2-3 hours.

Why should I upgrade my vehicle, it seems fine as it is?

People and companies benefit from our upgrades in different ways, and our product may not be right for all people. We believe we have something to offer everybody but will always be honest and realistic when discussing your requirements with you. In general terms the following benefits can be expected.

Corporate/Commercial Customer

  • Improved profitability / Fuel savings
  • Shorter journey times / Improved productivity
  • Increased driver satisfaction
  • Private Customers

  • Improved performance and power
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved driving experience
  • Better MPG on like for like driving
  • How can I be sure?

    Our experience of the industry and extensive R and D facilities allow us to confidently offer:

    • Guarantee the upgrade for the life of the vehicle
    • Offer a full money back guarantee within 30 days
    • Customer service backed by a network of trained service engineers
    • Offer a full trial and data-logging package for fleet customers

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